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 +===== Waterproof Rec Maps =====
 +<​bootnote>​1) What are the Backroad Recreation Maps?</​bootnote>​
 +The Backroad Recreation Maps are an explorer'​s map to popular areas of Canada. Featuring all
 +the great recreation and topographic information as the Backroad Mapbook maps, they combine
 +the individual maps into a larger map at a better scale. In addition to being easier to read and see
 +larger areas, we also add unique things like fish species and local service providers.
 +<​bootnote>​2) What is the benefit of a Backroad Recreation Map over the Backroad Mapbook or
 +another map product?</​bootnote>​
 +The Backroad Recreation Maps cover smaller areas at a better scale and a lower retail price than
 +the mapbook. If you compare these maps to other maps, you will find more roads, trails and
 +recreation information along with fish species and wildlife management units. If you want to
 +explore the area with the confidence of a good map, then look no further!
 +3) Who uses your maps?</​bootnote>​
 +Whether you are a weekend warrior, a serious back country explorer or working in the bush, our
 +maps are designed to get you there safely and confidently. We show more information like roads,
 +trails and recreation points to allow for easier navigation when outdoors. This information will
 +allow you to spend less time looking and more time fishing, hiking, paddling, ATVing and so on.
 +4) How easy are your maps to use?</​bootnote>​
 +Our maps are simple to use. We colour code and classify all roads and trails to allow you to see
 +what are the paved roads versus logging or industrial roads, what are main roads versus four-
 +wheel drive or ATV roads and what are hiking or multi-use trails versus motorized trails. A
 +legend is provided to show the various road and trail classes along with the symbols used.
 +<​bootnote>​5) How up to date are the Backroad Recreation Maps?</​bootnote>​
 +Generally, our maps are updated every three years to ensure the information is as current as
 +possible. This may sound like a standard answer of any mapping company, but you can be
 +assured that when we do update the books everything is reviewed. We pride ourselves on being
 +the most up to date source available to explore BC and Ontario.
 +<​bootnote>​6) Where do you get the information found in the Backroad Recreation Maps?</​bootnote>​
 +We work with a variety of local sources to ensure the maps are up to date. In BC we work with
 +Recreation Sites and Trails, BC Parks as well as the local tourism and retailers. In Ontario we
 +work with tourism and local retailers, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ontario Parks. We
 +would also like to thank all of our readers for their updates and comments on how to improve the
 +<​bootnote>​7) What topographical information is included on the maps?</​bootnote>​
 +In addition to adding topographical lines or contours and relief shading, we also include UTM
 +grids and latitude and longitude coordinates on the map borders. The associated scale bar has
 +also been adjusted to match the UTM grid to allow for more accurate distance calculations
 +between points on the map. These technical features add a new dimension to the maps and are
 +used to help navigate into unfamiliar areas.
 +<​bootnote>​8) What are the scales of your maps?</​bootnote>​
 +Our recreation maps are a larger scale than the mapbooks. Ranging from 1:125,000 for
 +Algonquin Park in Ontario to 1:200,000 for Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte) Islands in BC you
 +will see detail not found on other maps. The text is also bigger and easier to read than in our
 +<​bootnote>​9) Where can I find the maps?</​bootnote>​
 +Our maps are found in a wide range of locations that range from fishing and outdoor stores to
 +bookstores and big box locations. Although we encourage you to visit your local outdoor store to
 +pick up the books, they can also be found at Canadian Tire, Chapters/​Indigo Bookstores,
 +Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Wal-Mart, Wholesale Sports and other big national chain stores.
 +<​bootnote>​10) Are the books and maps copyrighted?</​bootnote>​
 +The writing and maps are protected by copyright. No reproduction in whole or in part is allowed
 +without the expressed written consent of the publisher. Yes, that even includes scanning or
 +photocopying the pages and/or posting the maps on the internet. If you ask, we are generally
 +supportive of noncommercial reproduction.
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