Note: Follow the below instructions to update your existing Backroad GPS maps

To update your microSD card you will need to log into your account @

1.)Log into your account.

2.)Click the “MY BRMB GPS ACCOUNT” button

3.)Your existing product will be shown with text “Updates Available”.
Click the Updates Available link.

4.) Scroll down to the product updates section where you can see the PC Update button.

5.) Click the PC Updates button and Save the BRMB_updater2020.exe application.
*Note: by default files are usually saved in the Downloads folder on your computer.

6.)Click the Generate button to generate your new 2020 license files.
You will see a green box at the top of the page with your new unlock information if successful.

7.)Your new 2020 version will now be listed in your account.

8.)Click “OPEN/DOWNLOAD” and scroll down to your unlock information.
Copy your 2020 25 digit unlock key.

9.)Navigate to the location you saved the BRMB_updater2020.exe application and double click to launch it.

10.)Once the updater application starts up you will be greeted with a screen asking if you would like to let this application make changes to your computer, click “YES”.

11.)The updater application will start up and you can click on NEXT.

12.)Accept the license agreement.

13.)If you would like to backup your SD card you can select it from the drop down menu and click “BACKUP” otherwise just click Next to skip.
This will create a folder called “BACKUP_BRMB” on your desktop and copy your Garmin folder contents to this directory.

14.)Now your card has been backed up you can start the update of your SD card.
Select the microSD card from the drop down menu, and enter in your 2020 25 digit unlock key.
When ready to update click “Update”

15.) The updater will download all the files and write them to your microSD card for you, please be patient while it completes the download.

16.) Your SD card will now contain the 2020 maps, to verify you can load it into your GPS unit and go to Map settings to see it showing in the map list, or launch basecamp and it will read the card through your GPS.

Troubleshooting your update

In some cases the maps are not listed or may come up with a “cannot unlock maps” error on screen after doing the update.
Here are some steps to try and troubleshoot maps not unlocking or not displaying under the map list.

1.)Verify files are written to the SD card's Garmin folder.
After the update is completed before you insert it into your GPS unit you can view the files on the SD card's Garmin folder.
To verify the correct files have been written to the card you can open the gmapsupp.unl file with notepad or any text editor to view the 25 digit unlock key, this key should match the one in your account listed under the 2020 version.

2.)If your using the MicroSD card adapter to insert your card into your computer, ensure that the locking mechanism is not set to locked on the side of the card.

3.)Ensure that no security software or firewall is blocking the PC updater from communicating with our web server, the downloading process should take some time to complete.

4.)If you are getting a Blue screen saying your not able to run this application, your PC may be a 32bit system.
Please try using our 32bit PC updater 32bit PC updater 2020

5.)If you have run through all the steps and are still unable to update your card please contact us and we can send you a link to download the files and manually apply them to the card.

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