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Note: Our update program has changed if you do not have an active update subscription you can purchase a new SD card for 50% or 70% off retail price.

Note: Users with an active update subscription or within the 60 day free update period can follow the steps below to update their existing SD card.

1.) Log into your account on our website, create a new account if you don't have one.

2.) From the menu on the left hand side, click on MY GPS ACCOUNT.

3.) Scroll down and find the name of your product (“Province Name - SD [V#]”).

4.) Click on the Updates Available Text, to the right of your product's name.

5.) Click on the PC Updates or Mac Updates button to download your new gmapsupp.img file

Warning: Once you click the Generate button in step 6 the download button for the updated gmapsupp.img file is removed.
Make sure you have downloaded the updated gmapsupp.img file before you click the generate button

6.) Click the Generate Button to generate your new license files for the latest version.

7.) If successful, you will get the message “Registration Success, and your product will now show as the updated version.”

8.) Click Open / Download next to your new v8 Product name

9.) Click the link to download your new .gma file

Note: We recommend using Firefox or Chrome to download the .gma file.

10.) Copy the 25 digit unlock code and paste it into a text file, save the file as gmapsupp.unl and make sure there is no .txt extension.

Important: When updating you need to remove the existing .unl and .gma files from your Garmin folder. When old license files (.unl or .gma) are present on the card it may show a cannot authenticate maps error.

1.)Open the existing SD card and backup the Garmin folder to your desktop.
2.)Remove the files inside the Garmin folder:

  • gmapsupp.unl
  • gma file
  • gmapsupp.img file.

3.)Your Garmin folder should now be empty

4.)Copy the gmapsupp.img file you downloaded into the Garmin folder on the card.

5.)Copy the new .gma file you downloaded into the Garmin folder.

6.)Copy the gmapsupp.unl file into the garmin folder.

7.)Your card should now have the updated map data and license file.

Note: When you download the computer map .zip archive it will also contain your new .gpi file for POI's

1.)On your SD Card navigate to the Garmin folder.

2.)Remove the old .gpi file

3.)Copy the .gpi file into the POI folder on the SD card.

4.)Your .gpi file should be the same version as your maps. example: BCv8 gpi is called BRMB_BCv8.gpi

The Garmin folder should look similar to the following image

Update your GPS maps

Update your maps with existing updates in your account.

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