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 ===== Connecting your GPS using Mass Storage Mode ===== ===== Connecting your GPS using Mass Storage Mode =====
- +[[https://​backroadmapbooks.com/​wiki/​doku.php?id=troubleshooting#​connecting_gps_to_computer|Connecting ​your GPS to Your Computer]]\\
- +
-<​bootnote>​When you plug in your gps with the SD card inserted, it will display 2 drive letters 1 for the Unit and 1 for the microSD</bootnote>​ +
-{{::​insert-sd.png?400|}}\\ +
- +
-<​bootnote warning>​If your unit is older or not finding the SD card you may need to put it into Mass Storage Mode\\ +
-On your GPS Unit go to the Setup Menu, Click Interface.\\ +
-On the Interface screen you will see a Mass Storage button, Click it to enable your GPS as a storage device.\\</​bootnote>​ +
- +
-When your Unit is in Mass Storage mode the screen will show an icon on it.\\ +
-{{::​60_3.gif?​200|}} {{::​usb.jpg?​400|}}+
 ===== Updating your microSD card ===== ===== Updating your microSD card =====
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