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 [[PC Computer map installation]]\\ [[PC Computer map installation]]\\
 [[Mac Computer map installation]]\\ [[Mac Computer map installation]]\\
-[[Updating Maps]]\\+[[Updating ​PC Maps]]\\ 
 +[[Updating Mac Maps]]\\
 [[Troubleshooting]]\\ [[Troubleshooting]]\\
 [[[[rebuild_card|Rebuild Map SD card]]\\ [[[[rebuild_card|Rebuild Map SD card]]\\
 [[GPS Unit Setup]]\\ [[GPS Unit Setup]]\\
 **Garmin Basecamp**\\ **Garmin Basecamp**\\
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 [[GPSmap Series]]\\ [[GPSmap Series]]\\
 [[Drive Series]]\\ [[Drive Series]]\\
-[[Fenix 5x]]+[[Fenix 5x]]\\
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