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 **Navigation:​**\\ **Navigation:​**\\
-**General**\\+**Warranty and Policies**\\
 [[General FAQ]] \\ [[General FAQ]] \\
 +[[Return Policy]]\\
 +[[Defective Items]]\\
 +[[GPS Updates]]\\
-**Digital Maps**\\+**Backroad Mapbooks**\\ 
 +[[Mapbook FAQ]]\\ 
 +[[Fishing Mapbooks]]\\ 
 +[[Waterproof Rec Maps]]\\ 
 +[[Printed Topo Maps]]\\ 
 +**Digital ​/ Mobile ​Maps**\\
 [[Info]]\\ [[Info]]\\
-[[Digital Topo Maps]]\\ +[[Avenza ​Digital Topo Maps]]\\ 
-[[Navigator App]]+[[Backroad ​Navigator App]]\\ 
 +[[App Subscriptions]]\\ 
 **GPS Maps**\\ **GPS Maps**\\
 [[Garmin License & Unlock Codes]]\\ [[Garmin License & Unlock Codes]]\\
 [[Register your microSD card]]\\ [[Register your microSD card]]\\
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 **GPS Units**\\ **GPS Units**\\
-[[Compatibility List]]+[[Compatibility List]]\\ 
 +[[SD Card Sizes]]\\ 
 +[[Max card size Legacy GPS Units]]\\ 
 +[[Max card size Automotive GPS Units]]\\ 
 +[[Max card size Outdoor GPS Units]]\\
 [[Rino 700 Series]]\\ [[Rino 700 Series]]\\
 [[Oregon 700 Series]]\\ [[Oregon 700 Series]]\\
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 [[GPSmap Series]]\\ [[GPSmap Series]]\\
 [[Drive Series]]\\ [[Drive Series]]\\
 +[[Fenix 5x]]
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