Here's a few benefits you get from Registering

- Download Computer Maps for Mac or PC

- Store a secure copy of your Garmin License and Unlock Files

- Access to Future Updates

- Additional Technical Support

Note: There are NO files on the SD card that can be opened or run on your computer. During the registration process, you will simply be selecting two files from the SD card.

We recommend that you insert your SD card directly into the SD card slot on your computer, if available.
If you don't have an SD card slot, you'll have to insert the microSD card into your GPS unit and then connect the GPS unit to your computer via a USB cable.

Go to our website at

Log into your account on our website, create a new account if you don't have one.

1.) From the menu on the left hand side, click on MY BRMB GPS ACCOUNT.

2.) Under the heading REGISTER PRODUCT, click on the first Choose File button.

3.) A new window will appear. In the folder list on the left hand side, navigate to the location of the SD card (usually within My Computer or This PC).

Note: Usually, it will be labeled BRMB or ON_v#, although on some computers, it might appear as “Removable Disk” or “NO NAME”. The SD card contains a folder named Garmin.

Open the Garmin folder by double clicking on it.

4.) In the Garmin folder, single click on the file named gmapsupp.unl to select it and then click the Open button.

Click on the second Choose File button, and click on the file that ends in .gma (or labeled as a GMA file).
The file usually starts with a string of numbers or will be named gmapsupp.gma.

5.) Click the Submit button to complete registration. If successful, a “Registration Success” confirmation message will be displayed.
Your product will now be listed above the registration form.

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