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Rebuild Map SD card

Note: To rebuild your SD card you need to have the card registered in your user account.

Your SD card contains a Garmin folder that holds all the map information.
Inside the Garmin folder you will find:

gmapsupp.img - Map Data
gmapsupp.unl - Unlock key license file
gmapsupp.gma - Gma license file [ Filename may be a string of numbers or just gmapsupp.gma ]

1.)Contact support for a link to the map data file.

2.)Log in to your user account at

3.)Click on the MY BRMB GPS ACCOUNT button.

4.)Click Open Download to expand your registered map product and display your license and unlock information.

5.)Copy the 25 digit code into a txt file and save it as gmapsupp.unl
*ensure there is no .txt extension when saving the file

6.)Click the link in your user account to Download your .gma file

7.)Copy the following files into the Garmin folder on your card gmapsupp.img
.gma file

8.)Reload the Card in your Gps and verify that Backroadmapbooks is showing under the map settings.

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