Note: 1) What are the Backroad TOPO Maps?

The Backroad TOPO Maps are enlarged versions of the Backroad Mapbook maps allowing for easier to see text, smaller roads and contours. Of course our patented road, trail, recreation and topographic information are also included in our unique Canadian Topographic map series. They are printed on large format (60 cm x 80 cm/ 24 x 32), water resistant paper.

Note: 2) What is the benefit of a Backroad TOPO Map over other topographic maps?

The Backroad TOPO Maps are easily the most up to date and detailed topographic map in Canada. We update our maps every three years and add countless other features not found on other maps. In addition to more roads and trails, we label everything from recreation points and road names to wildlife management areas. They even come printed on water resistant paper!

Note: 3) Who uses your TOPO maps?

Whether you are a weekend warrior, a serious backcountry explorer or working in the bush, our maps are designed to get you there safely and confidently. We show more information like roads, trails and recreation points to allow for easier navigation when outdoors. This information will allow you to spend less time looking and more time fishing, hiking, paddling, ATVing and so on.

Note: 4) How up to date are the Backroad TOPO Maps?

Generally, our maps are updated every three years to ensure the information is as current as possible. We work with a variety of local sources, government agencies, industry, tourism, clubs and organizations and also our readers to ensure everything is reviewed each time the mapbooks are updated. We pride ourselves on being the most up to date recreation and topographic map source available in Canada.

Note: 5) What topographical information is included on the maps?

In addition to contours, we also add relief shading to help get a better feel for the lay of the land. Our map borders include UTM grids and latitude and longitude coordinates, while our associated scale bar has also been adjusted to match the UTM grid to allow for more accurate distance calculations between points on the map. These technical features add a new dimension to the maps and are used to help navigate into unfamiliar areas.

Note: 6) What are the scales of your TOPO maps?

Our TOPO maps scales vary depending on the area. Starting at 1:60,000 in southern BC and Ontario and 1:90,000 in southern Alberta, we divide the regions similar to tourism and our mapbooks. The further north you go, the smaller the scale. Most northern maps are at a 1:200:000 scale.

Note: 7) Where can I find the TOPO maps?

Our TOPO maps are only found in specialty stores or on-line. Most fishing and outdoor stores as well as all map retailers should carry a good selection of our Backroad TOPO Map series.

Note: 8) How can I figure out which Backroad TOPO Map to order?

Our TOPO maps match the associated mapbook map key. For example Weslemkoon Lake in Eastern Ontario is found on map 20. Our TOPO code for this map is EAON20. If you visit our TOPO Map page in the Shop you will see each mapbook by province or region. Click on that name to find the map key and/or select the TOPO Map by name or number.

Note: 9) What is the difference between Print and Digital TOPO Maps?

The Print version is printed on large format (60 cm x 80 cm/24 x 32), water resistant paper. The Digital versions are geo-referenced maps that will work on Avenza PDF map app.

Note: 10) Where do I find the Digital TOPO Maps for purchase?

Our Digital maps can be download as an in app purchase through the Avenza app.

Note: 11) Are the Backroad TOPO maps copyrighted?

The maps are protected by copyright. No reproduction in whole or in part is allowed without the expressed written consent of the publisher. Yes, that even includes scanning or photocopying the pages and/or posting the maps on the internet. If you ask, we are generally supportive of noncommercial reproduction.

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