What is BRMB Navigator?

BRMB Navigator is the leading GPS navigation and mapping app for Canadian outdoor adventure! This app boasts more outdoor recreation information than any existing apps to date. With complete, seamless topographic maps for eight provinces – from BC to Nova Scotia – BRMB Navigator puts all the information found in the original Backroad Mapbooks in the palm of your hand – plus more. View interactive, seamless topographic map coverage for the entire province of your choice filled with up-to-date adventure information.

The maps on this app include map layers, with marked waypoints for adventures like hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, paddling, ATVing, snowmobiling, wildlife viewing, and much more. You’ll find crucial information like trailheads, distances, Wildlife Management Units, fishing regulations, and more, right at your fingertips!

BRMB Navigator lets you download offline maps to navigate off-grid, and track and create your trips – with waypoints, stats, photo, video, audio, and descriptions – to recreate your adventures and share with friends via social media! With added features like a compass, regional weather forecasts, and more, BRMB Navigator is the most complete GPS navigation and mapping app available for outdoor recreation.

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