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- ​Maximum Memory Card Size for Garmin Legacy Models 
-Many Garmin Outdoor models include an expandable memory card slot. The memory card must meet the below requirements to be compatible: 
-    Card type - microSD card 
-    Card storage size - up to 4GB (gigabytes) 
-    Card Manufacturer - While any brand of microSD card should work, Garmin has only tested brands such as SanDisk or Kingston. 
-Additional requirements:​ 
-  * The handheld needs to be at the most recent software version 
-  * Garmin legacy models with expandable memory will only support one downloadable content map per microSD card. Additional downloadable maps will overwrite any maps previously installed. 
-  * Each expandable memory device will be able to recognize up to 2,025 detailed mapping segments 
-  * Any map segments loaded beyond the 2,025 segment limit, even if there is more room on the microSD card, will not be recognized or displayed by the unit. 
-The primary purpose of the microSD card is to store detailed mapping. 
-Garmin legacy models covered in this FAQ: 
-    GPSMAP ​ 60CSx, 60Cx, 76CSx, 76Cx 
-    eTrex Vista HCx, Vista Cx, Legend HCx, Legend Cx, Venture Cx 
-    Astro 220 
-    Rino 520HCx, 530HCx 
-    ​ 
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