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 +===== Backroadmapbooks Printed Map Books =====
 +1) What is a Backroad Mapbook?</​bootnote>​
 +The Backroad Mapbook is a guidebook that combines detailed topographic maps covering an
 +entire area or region with a series of listings describing all the various recreational activities in
 +the area. Whether you are fishing or hunting, hiking or ATVing, camping or exploring the
 +backroads, we provide all the information you need to travel safely and confidently into the
 +<​bootnote>​2) Why would I trust a Backroad Mapbook map as opposed to another mapbook or map
 +We are the map source for search and rescue, emergency response, fire suppression teams,
 +loggers and oil &amp; gas personnel. If they trust us, so should you.
 +<​bootnote>​3) What is the difference between a Backroad Mapbook map and a government</​bootnote>​
 +topographic map, Google maps or other road atlases?
 +We focus on providing the most up to date and accurate road and recreation maps available in
 +Canada. Unlike topographic maps, we regularly update the maps and add things like road names,
 +named recreation features, defined trails (multi-use vs. motorized) and even wildlife
 +management areas.
 +Unlike Google or other internet based maps and other road atlases we extend our value added
 +features well beyond the rural roads and into the backcountry. We also show all the various
 +logging/​bush road networks as well as trails and recreational activities not shown on other map
 +sources. Further, our writing and reference information provides insights no other map can claim.
 +<​bootnote>​4) If I drive a car or RV as opposed to a four wheel drive vehicle will your maps be of
 +Yes! We show and classify all roads allowing you to stay on the main route or venture off road if
 +you prefer. Our paved road networks are shown in colour, while the logging/​industrial roads start
 +out as thick black lines (for main roads) before petering out into thin lines or even dashed lines
 +that may or may not be driven at all. Simply stick to the paved roads or main logging/​industry
 +roads if you are in a car or RV and you will find some truly wonderful sites not shown on other
 +<​bootnote>​5) What sort of outdoor activities are covered in the Backroad Mapbooks?</​bootnote>​
 +Our books are designed to be used by anyone interested in getting outdoors. Whether you are
 +looking to visit the local park or find that hidden wilderness retreat, you will find a destination
 +that suits your needs in our books. We cross-reference the maps with the writing to highlight
 +backroad attractions,​ fishing and hunting, parks and camping, paddling or canoeing, multi-use
 +trails and motorized trails (hiking, biking, ATVing, etc.), wildlife viewing and winter recreation
 +(cross-country skiing, snowshoeing,​ etc.) and more.
 +<​bootnote>​6) How up to date are the Backroad Mapbooks?</​bootnote>​
 +Generally, our mapbooks are updated every three years to ensure the information is as current as
 +possible. This may sound like a standard answer of any mapping company, but you can be
 +assured that when we do update the books everything is reviewed. We pride ourselves on being
 +the most up to date source available to explore Canada.
 +7) Where do you get the information found in theBackroad Mapbooks?</​bootnote>​
 +In addition to hiring local researcher/​writers,​ we consult a wide range of sources. From
 +forestry/​mining/​oil and gas companies to government sources, from clubs and organizations to
 +tourism we leave no rock unturned.
 +It should also be noted that we rely heavily on readers to help us update and improve the maps
 +and writing. Please continue to provide feedback and updates and be sure to take advantage of
 +our update contests!
 +<​bootnote>​8) Where can I buy the books in stores?</​bootnote>​
 +Our books are found in a wide range of locations that range from fishing and outdoor stores to
 +bookstores and big box locations. Although we encourage you to visit your local outdoor store to
 +pick up the books (you can try our dealer locator search for a store near you), they can also be
 +found at Canadian Tire, Chapters/​Indigo Bookstores, Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Wal-Mart,
 +Wholesale Sports and other big national chain stores.
 +<​bootnote>​9) What are the PDF versions of the mapbooks?</​bootnote>​
 +Our PDF books are digital files that can be viewed on a variety of devices (computer, tablets,
 +iPad, iPhones, smart phones, and so on). You get the full mapbook (introduction,​ maps,
 +recreation information,​ etc.) and can search the content. You can also zoom in and out easily
 +allowing for easier reading, but you cannot print the pages.
 +Note: You will need to unzip the file before transferring the PDF file to any device that you want
 +to read it on. The best way to get the PDF version on your iPhone or iPad is by using iTunes.
 +Drop the PDF book into the book's category through your computer and then synch your device.
 +<​bootnote>​10) Where do I find the Backroad PDF book I just purchased?</​bootnote>​
 +Once your purchase has been successful and you are back in our online store, you can download
 +the file by the download link provided. The link can also be found if you need to log back into
 +your account. Click to view the order containing the PDF book and click Download. You can
 +attempt 5 downloads, before the link expires.
 +11) Can I just buy an individual map as opposed to the whole book?</​bootnote>​
 +Yes, we offer a few options for individual maps. The most popular are our printed TOPO Maps,
 +that are basically enlarged Backroad Mapbook maps at a better, easier to read scale. We also
 +offer Digital TOPO Maps that come in a variety of file extensions allowing you to view them in
 +various mapping software or applications. See our Backroad TOPO Maps section of the
 +website for more information on these options.
 +<​bootnote>​12) Are the books and maps copyrighted?</​bootnote>​
 +The writing and maps are protected by copyright. No reproduction in whole or in part is allowed
 +without the expressed written consent of the publisher. Yes, that even includes scanning or
 +photocopying the pages and/or posting the maps on the internet. If you ask, we are generally
 +supportive of noncommercial reproduction.
 +<​bootnote>​13) How long have the Backroad Mapbooks been around?</​bootnote>​
 +We published our first mapbook in 1993 and have steadily grown our coverage across Canada.
 +Over the last 20 or so years we have built a pretty impressive road, trail and recreation dataset.
 +Most of these features are not found on other maps…not on Google, not on Government
 +topographic maps and not on other free internet based maps.
 +<​bootnote>​14) How come there is no Backroad Mapbook for our area?</​bootnote>​
 +We hope to map all of Canada and perhaps venture into the northern United States. However, we
 +need your help! Not only are these very time consuming and expensive mapbooks to make, we
 +also need the support of local retailers and tourism to ensure they are received successfully. If
 +you think a Backroad Mapbook is long overdue for your area, please spread the word and be sure
 +to let us know what interest is out there. We would love to explore the possibility of expanding
 +to your area!
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