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Note: To view the computer maps, you must have Garmin's free mapping program, called BaseCamp, installed on your computer.
If you do NOT yet have Garmin BaseCamp installed on your computer, then follow these steps to install it.

Click Here to download Garmin BaseCamp for Mac

Navigate to the location of the downloaded installer file (BaseCamp_###.dmg). The default location is the Downloads folder.

Double click on the file to open and run the BaseCamp installer. Follow the prompts to complete the installation
Please exit BaseCamp before installing the computer maps.

Mac Installation

1.) Log into your account on our website, create a new account if you don't have one.

2.) From the menu on the left hand side, click on MY GPS ACCOUNT.

3.) Scroll down and find the name of your product (“Province Name - SD [V#]”).

4.) Click on the OPEN/DOWNLOAD text, to the right of your product's name.


5.) Under FREE COMPUTER MAPS, click on the DOWNLOAD FOR MAC button.
By default, it will be saved into your Downloads folder.
The download can take up to a few hours depending on the speed & quality of your internet connection.

Navigate to the location of the computer maps installer file that you downloaded.
The default location is the Downloads folder.

The download will consist of a compressed .zip file or a folder, if using safari the files will be extracted to a folder when completed.
If you have Garmin MapManager installed and it has been run at least once, the icon for the .gmap installer should look like the following image.

If it doesn't, that could mean that you still need to run or install Garmin Basecamp or the stand alone Garmin MapManager.

Link: If your not seeing an icon and instead the .gmap file looks like a folder, Download Map Manager Stand Alone version for Mac

If the .gmap file appears as a folder even though you have installed and run Garmin MapManager, try restarting the computer.

3.) Double click the .gmap file to open it in Garmin MapManager.
4.) Click the INSTALL button to install the maps.

Note: After Downloading and installing your computer maps into BaseCamp, you will need to unlock them to see the detail.

1.) To Unlock your maps in basecamp you will need your .GMA file, this file is located on your SD card inside the Garmin folder or can be downloaded from your user account.

2.) Navigate to the location of your .gma file.

3.) Double click the .gma file to open it in Garmin MapManager.

4.) Click the button to install the unlock code. If successful, your maps will now be unlocked.

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