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 The default location is the Downloads folder.\\ The default location is the Downloads folder.\\
-The download will consist of compressed ​.zip file or a folder, if using safari the files will be extracted to a folder when completed.\\ +The download will be a .dmg file.\\ 
-If you have Garmin MapManager installed and it has been run at least once, the icon for the .gmap installer should look like the following image.\\+{{::​dmg_file.png?200|}}
-{{::gmapv8.png?200|}}+Double click the .dmg file to launch the installer.\\ 
 +Double click the Installer logo to start the installation.\\ 
 +Follow the On Screen Instructions of the installer.\\ 
 +{{::​splash.png?​400|}} ​   {{::​welcome.png?​400|}}\\ 
 +{{::​license.png?​400|}} {{::​install_dir.png?​400|}}\\ 
-If it doesn'​t,​ that could mean that you still need to run or install Garmin Basecamp or the stand alone Garmin MapManager.\\ 
-<​bootnote web>If your not seeing an icon and instead the .gmap file looks like a folder, Download Map Manager Stand Alone version for Mac\\ 
-If the .gmap file appears as a folder even though you have installed and run Garmin MapManager, try restarting the computer.\\ 
-3.) Double click the .gmap file to open it in Garmin MapManager.\\ 
-4.) Click the INSTALL button to install the maps.\\ 
 ===== Unlock ===== ===== Unlock =====
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