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 {{::​unlocked.png?​600|}}\\ {{::​unlocked.png?​600|}}\\
 +===== Manual Installation & Unlock Maps =====
 +<​bootnote warning>​In some cases map manager will not associate itself with the Map installer or the .gma file.</​bootnote>​\\
 +If you are seeing the .gmap file as a folder and not an icon you can manually copy the .gmap folder to the Basecamp Map directory\\
 +The correct
 +1.) Open Finder and navigate to the Go menu\\
 +2.) Select Go To Folder and type in the following path:\\
 +~/​Library/​Application Support/​Garmin/​Maps/​\\
 +3.) Copy the .gmap folder to this location to manually install the maps into Basecamp\\
 +4.) Copy the .gma file into this location to manually unlock the maps.\\
 +5.) Restart Basecamp and select BackroadMapbooks from the maps menu.\\
 +{{ https://​backroadmapbooks.com/​media/​downloadable/​gps/​Downloads/​Mac-install.mp4| }}
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