Get the same great detailed topographic maps, on your mobile device!

Our digital geo referenced maps can be purchased, downloaded and viewed with Avenza Maps
One of the most recognized and well-used mobile mapping apps in the industry.
Please note these digital pdf topographic maps are not printable

BRMB Navigator is a leading-edge GPS navigation and mapping app for all your outdoor and backcountry adventures. From the publishers of the Backroad Mapbook series, access the country’s industry-leading road and recreation maps with 10,000+ base scale topographic maps of all Canadian provinces – as well as satellite and street maps. Get active and mark waypoints, plan your trip, capture photos and video, and store all your trip information on the BRMB website for easy access from any iOS or Android device.

BRMB Navigator is ideal for: GPS, map and compass navigation and offline navigation; planning and tracking adventures including camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, paddling, off-roading, ATV riding, backcountry exploring and more!

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