Shop with confidence at Backroad Mapbooks and know you are getting the latest version of Backroad GPS Maps.

Note: All GPS maps are covered by a 60 day guarantee

* If a new version is available within 60 days from the date of purchase (registration is required), you can update your SD Card for free through your account. You will need to download and generate your new files to copy onto your SD card.

** Alternatively, IF you have registered your card, in your account, you can update your card by downloading the new files for your SD card.

Note: Our update program has changed if you do not have an active update subscription you can purchase a new SD card for 50% to 80% off retail price.

Yes, you will need to call us and pay the difference in price and send us the old card to have it updated (i.e. BC to BCAB – currently $75).

Yes, you can upgrade your card size:
16GB – $19.95
32GB – $29.95
*Stock may vary for larger cards

Yes, you will need to pay a $25 license upgrade fee and send us the SD cards (the Backroad GPS Map card and your own card) to have the map data transferred.

The customer is responsible for the return shipping charges of the product. A replacement item (including a new unlock key) will be issued once we receive the returned merchandise. The old unlock key will be deactivated upon receipt of the new unlock key.

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