GPS Remote Update Support

To purchase Remote support for your SD card update please log into your account and view the purchase option:

Note: Once you have purchased your Remote Support for updates you will receive an email to schedule your remote session time within 24-48 Hrs.
Please make sure you have downloaded the files needed for the update by following the “Getting Setup” Instructions.

Getting Setup
1.) Log into your account and ensure you have updates available to you.

2.)Make sure you have the downloaded the updated Mac gmapsupp.img file or the PC updater from your account.

3.)Download and run Anydesk for PC or Mac:

On Launch Anydesk will give you a screen with a 9 digit number used to connect to your computer.

4.)When the Backroadmapbooks Team member calls you please have this 9 digit access code available so they can connect with you.

5.)The Backroadmapbooks Team member will connect to your computer and help you through the process of updating your microSD card to the latest version.

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