Book or Digital Product Returns

We want you to be happy with your purchase and shop with confidence at Backroad Mapbooks.

  • Returns of all mapbooks and Recreation Maps are only accepted within 20 days of the ship date.
  • With any return request please email us at, or call us to let us know what the nature of the return is before returning any items.
  • We will not accept returns on Backroad GPS Maps if the packaging is opened.
  • TOPO Maps are also not returnable since each is custom made for the order.
  • We will offer an exchange for the identical product if the one you receive is defective. Proof of purchase is required.
  • The customer is responsible for all return shipping charges of the product.
  • A refund for the original purchase price of the products will be issued once we receive the returned merchandise.
  • We do not refund the original billed shipping charges.

Warning: We will replaced any damaged products(proof of purchase required) once we receive the original defective product.

If you buy or are given a second hand SD card we cannot support it due to the license being registered to another users account. These cards are unable to be used for updates or computer maps for downloads.

Yes, we have a clubs and organization discount for these types of groups. Please contact us at for more information.

You can send us your tracks and waypoints to
If we are able to use them, we will credit your account towards future updates.

You can also submit tracks from the product page under the Updates tab

A minimum of 5 usable tracks or 10 usable waypoints (or combination of) is required for 1 Free Update. Multiple updates are recorded on the user account and can be applied for future updates.

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