You can find a Garmin Basecamp guide here:

To adjust detail level in Basecamp

Click the View menu

Click on the Toolbars option

Click Detail Level to add a check mark beside it and enable the Detail Level drop down menu.

Basecamp can read the map data off your Backroadmapbooks SD card when you have it inserted in your GPS and plug it into your computer using a USB cable.

Under the devices Panel on the left menu in Basecamp you will see your GPS and SD card listed.

Right clicking in the Device window will give you a menu with options:

Click Device info to see information about your Unit or the SD card

The map data can be loaded from the SD card and viewed in Basecamp, Right click map name and choose Select.

When Viewing the maps from the SD card there are some printing limitations:

Under the maps menu there is a Custom POI menu option.

Clicking on the Custom POI menu will bring up the Custom POI Window so you can verify the POI data is being loaded from the card.

Now when viewing the map any POI icons you click will show a 3 dot menu that enables the Write up pop up window.

Clicking the 3 dot menu will display the write up information for you if available.

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