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-==== Backroad Mapbooks’ industry-leading maps are now available on the Gaia GPS app!==== 
-==== Combining all the online and offline features of Gaia GPS with our award-wining map data, this is a next-level digital tool for outdoor explorers of all kinds ==== 
-==== FAQ ==== 
-1.) **What is the cost of using backroadmapbooks with GAIA GPS app?**\\ 
-Backroadmapbooks is included as a premium overlay along with many other maps, the cost is the price of a GAIA premium membership $39.99 year\\ 
-2.)**Are adventures included with the Backroadmapbooks basemap layer in GAIA?**\\ 
-NO. At this time the basemap is only available. For adventure layers you can use the BRMBNavigator app\\ 
-3.)**How do i get a refund for my GAIA GPS Purchase?​**\\ 
-Contact GAIA GPS for any purchase issues support<​at>​gaiagps.com 
-===== Installing Gaia ===== 
-1.)Search for gaia gps in the google play or itunes store. 
-2.)Accept the Access Requirements and install the app. 
-3.)Launch Gaia gps 
-4.)Setup your subscription if you have not done so already.\\ 
-5.)On the map screen click the layers menu icon. 
-6.)The Layers menu window will open, Click the More Layers menu link 
-7.)Under the Map Source Categories click on the Premium Basemaps 
-8.)Select Backroadmapbooks from the list to enable it 
-Enjoy Canada Wide BRMB Maps 
-==== Downloading Offline Maps ==== 
-1.)Open GAIA and select Backroadmapbooks as the basemap.\\ 
-2.)Click the + icon at the top of the screen in GAIA and select Download map.\\ 
-3.)Select the area and zoom level and then click the Save button.\\ 
-4.)Your offline map will begin the download of all tiles needed for the selected area.\\ 
-5.)Once the download completes you can view the offline map under the saved button at the bottom of thr GAIA screen.\\ 
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