Backroad Mapbooks’ industry-leading maps are now available on the Gaia GPS app!

Combining all the online and offline features of Gaia GPS with our award-wining map data, this is a next-level digital tool for outdoor explorers of all kinds


1.) What is the cost of using backroadmapbooks with GAIA GPS app?
Backroadmapbooks is included as a premium overlay along with many other maps, the cost is the price of a GAIA premium membership $39.99 year

2.)Are adventures included with the Backroadmapbooks basemap layer in GAIA?
NO. At this time the basemap is only available. For adventure layers you can use the BRMBNavigator app

3.)How do i get a refund for my GAIA GPS Purchase?
Contact GAIA GPS for any purchase issues support<at>

4.)Where can i find a Legend for the Backroadmapbooks layer?
View GAIA GPS Legends

1.)Search for gaia gps in the google play or itunes store.
2.)Accept the Access Requirements and install the app.
3.)Launch Gaia gps 4.)Setup your subscription if you have not done so already.
5.)On the map screen click the layers menu icon.
6.)The Layers menu window will open, Click the More Layers menu link
7.)Under the Map Source Categories click on the Premium Basemaps
8.)Select Backroadmapbooks from the list to enable it

Enjoy Canada Wide BRMB Maps

Downloading Offline Maps

1.)Open GAIA and select Backroadmapbooks as the basemap.
2.)Click the + icon at the top of the screen in GAIA and select Download map.
3.)Select the area and zoom level and then click the Save button, Give it a name

4.)Your offline map will begin the download of all tiles needed for the selected area.

5.)Once the download completes you can click Downloads, and click on Map to go back to the saved map list

6.)On the Saved map screen you can select show on map to display your saved map.

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