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 +===== Fishing Mapbooks =====
 +<​bootnote>​1) What is a Fishing Mapbook?</​bootnote>​
 +The Fishing Mapbook is a guidebook that combines detailed lake charts or river maps with
 +important information on the lake or stream. In addition to the lake charts that help you
 +determine where to fish on the lake, we provide pertinent information such as fish species,
 +stocking information,​ access and facilities and even fishing tips.
 +<​bootnote>​2) Why should I buy the Fishing Mapbook?</​bootnote>​
 +If you are new to the area or are simply looking for alternative lakes or streams to explore, the
 +Fishing Mapbook provides up to 200 of the best fishing locations in the area. Add in the valuable
 +fishing tips and maps and you have all you need to actually find where the fish are hiding.
 +<​bootnote>​3) What is the difference between your Fishing Maps and all of those free online lake charts
 +and maps?</​bootnote>​
 +You get what you pay for. We add a lot of extra details like access points or boat launches,
 +campsites or resorts as well as the surrounding roads to the lake chart. We also provide location
 +maps, stocking charts as well as describe how to fish the lake, how to access the lake and what
 +facilities are found in the area.
 +<​bootnote>​4) How do you decide which lakes to include in the Fishing books?</​bootnote>​
 +We try to provide a good mix of lakes and streams to sample in each book. In addition to the
 +most popular waterbodies,​ we try to mix in a few remote destinations as well as those that are
 +stocked. We also make sure we have some larger lakes that are ideal for trolling as well as
 +smaller lakes that are better suited for fly-fishing or casting from shore.
 +If there is a lake or stream missing that you think should be included, drop us a line and we will
 +see if we can add it next time.
 +<​bootnote>​5) Where do you get the information found in the Fishing Mapbooks?</​bootnote>​
 +In addition to hiring local researcher/​writers,​ we consult a wide range of sources. From fishing
 +retailers to government sources, from clubs and organizations to tourism we leave no lily pad
 +It should also be noted that we rely heavily on readers to help us update and improve the maps
 +and writing. Please continue to provide feedback and updates and be sure to take advantage of
 +our update contests!
 +<​bootnote>​6) How will the Fishing Mapbooks help me?</​bootnote>​
 +Whether new to the sport or a wily veteran, we offer details you won&#​39;​t find elsewhere.
 +Experienced anglers love the lake depth charts to locate hidden holes or structure. People new to
 +the sport or area will appreciate the basic information on fishing gear and fish species. Add in the
 +fact we cover up to 200 options in each mapbook to give you some variety and a wide range of
 +tips to try. Of course, we also recommend you visit the local tackle shop to find out more on
 +recommended gear.
 +<​bootnote>​7) What are the PDF versions of the mapbooks?</​bootnote>​
 +Our PDF books are digital files that can be viewed on a variety of devices (computer, tablets,
 +iPad, iPhones, smart phones, and so on). You get the full mapbook (introduction,​ maps,
 +recreation information,​ etc.) and can search the content. You can also zoom in and out easily
 +allowing for easier reading, but you cannot print the pages.
 +Note: You will need to unzip the file before transferring the PDF file to any device that you want
 +to read it on. The best way to get the PDF version on your iPhone or iPad is by using iTunes.
 +Drop the PDF book into the book&#​39;​s category through your computer and then sync your device.
 +<​bootnote>​8) Where do I find the Fishing Mapbook PDF book I just purchased?</​bootnote>​
 +Once your purchase has been successful and you are back in our online store, you can download
 +the file by the download link provided. The link can also be found if you need to log back into
 +your account. Click to view the order containing the PDF book and click Download. You can
 +attempt 3 downloads, before the link expires.
 +<​bootnote>​9) Can I just buy an individual Fishing Map as opposed to the whole book?</​bootnote>​
 +Yes, we offer each lake and stream in our Fishing Map pages of our online shop. The lakes and
 +streams are broken down alphabetically by book as well as by Province (BC and Ontario only).
 +We offer three sizes ranging from letter size (8.5 x 11) to wall map size (24 x 32). The letter
 +size includes the text found in the Fishing Mapbook, while the other two sizes are enlarged lake
 +charts or river maps that are easier to read and do not include the writing.
 +<​bootnote>​10) How can I find the lake or stream I am looking for?</​bootnote>​
 +The complete list of lakes and streams are found on our Fishing Map pages of our online shop. If
 +you know the region or zone you are fishing, click on that book title and you will see the entire
 +list of lakes and streams. Alternatively,​ search the drop down menu in the Province of interest to
 +see all lakes and streams we offer.
 +<​bootnote>​11) Are the books and maps copyrighted?</​bootnote>​
 +The writing and maps are protected by copyright. No reproduction in whole or in part is allowed
 +without the expressed written consent of the publisher. Yes, that even includes scanning or
 +photocopying the pages and/or posting the maps on the internet. If you ask, we are generally
 +supportive of noncommercial reproduction.
 +12) Can the lake charts be used for navigation?</​bootnote>​
 +Our depth charts are not designed for navigational use. Uncharted rocks and shallows, stumps
 +and other debris are just some of the things that cannot be accurately mapped on freshwater
 +water bodies.
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