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-{{ ::​fenix5x-hr-blk-02.jpg?​400 |}}\\ 
-fēnix 5X is the ultimate multisport GPS watch with full-color TOPO mapping and outdoor navigation features. When it’s time to train, fēnix offers a set of running and training features so advanced, it’s like training with a coach. Enjoy features like wrist-based heart rate1 and physiological performance metrics. All 5X models feature Wi-Fi® capability for automatic activity uploading. 
-Full-color Mapping\\ 
-fēnix® 5x helps you understand your surroundings with color mapping, Future Plot, Around Me POIs and features like Round Trip Routing - which lets you enter how far you'd like to run or ride, receive course suggestions complete with easy-to-read cues for upcoming turns, and venture with confidence.\\ 
-<​bootnote>​Backroadmapbooks GPS maps will work with the Fenix 5X watch. Please contact us for a license.</​bootnote>​ 
-Installing maps on the Fenix5x\\ 
-===== Registration ===== 
-1.Login to your user account @ https://​backroadmapbooks.com\\ 
-2.Click on the MY BRMB GPS ACCOUNT button\\ 
-3.In your user account click the DVD tab.\\ 
-4.Enter the Access Code and your Watch UNITID.\\ 
-  UNITID can be found under the about menu on the watch 
-5.Click the OPEN/​DOWNLOAD text link to expand the product box.\\ 
-Download the computer map download and install the maps into Garmin basecamp\\ 
-Make sure they are unlocked \\ 
-===== Transfer Map Data to watch ===== 
-1.Launch Garmin Mapinstall\\ 
-2.Select the Backroadmapbooks Maps from the "​Advanced/​Partial Install"​ Menu\\ 
-3.Start the transfer of the map data 
-4.Download the .gma file from your user account\\ 
-5.Copy the 25 digit unlock code into a text file and save it as gmapsupp.unl\\ 
-6.Copy both gmapsupp.unl and the .gma into the Garmin folder on the watch.\\ 
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