fēnix 5X is the ultimate multisport GPS watch with full-color TOPO mapping and outdoor navigation features. When it’s time to train, fēnix offers a set of running and training features so advanced, it’s like training with a coach. Enjoy features like wrist-based heart rate1 and physiological performance metrics. All 5X models feature Wi-Fi® capability for automatic activity uploading. Full-color Mapping

fēnix® 5x helps you understand your surroundings with color mapping, Future Plot, Around Me POIs and features like Round Trip Routing - which lets you enter how far you'd like to run or ride, receive course suggestions complete with easy-to-read cues for upcoming turns, and venture with confidence.

Note: Backroadmapbooks GPS maps will work with the Fenix 5X watch. Please contact us to purchase a license.
If you already own a GPS map license you can get a second one at a 50% discount.

1.Login to your user account @ https://backroadmapbooks.com
2.Click on the MY BRMB GPS ACCOUNT button
3.In your user account click the DVD tab.
4.Enter the Access Code and your Watch UNITID.

UNITID can be found under the about menu on the watch\\

5.Click the OPEN/DOWNLOAD text link to expand the product box.
Download the computer map download and install the maps into Garmin basecamp
Make sure they are unlocked


1.Launch Garmin Mapinstall

2.Select the Backroadmapbooks Maps from the “Advanced/Partial Install” Menu

3.Start the transfer of the map data

4.Download the .gma file from your user account
5.Copy the 25 digit unlock code into a text file and save it as gmapsupp.unl
6.Copy both gmapsupp.unl and the .gma into the Garmin folder on the watch.

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