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 +<​bootnote>​Do your maps load directly into my GPS Unit?</​bootnote>​
 +Yes. Our product comes in a micro SD format with a SD adaptor that loads directly into any
 +Garmin GPS that has an SD/micro SD card slot (the only exception here is marine fixed-mount
 +chartplotters). We provide both the maps and the Backroad Mapbook Points of Interest/​activity
 +write up information. The SD/micro SD card slot is found on all current and most Garmin
 +products released in the last 3 years.
 +1) What are the Backroad GPS Maps?</​bootnote>​
 +Backroad GPS Maps are the most complete recreation and topographic map source available for
 +Garmin GPS in Canada. We have countless more roads, trails and recreational points than any
 +other topographic or recreation GPS maps. We also include write ups on thousands of places to
 +fish, hike, ski, camp, ATV, and so on…this is information you will not find with any other GPS
 +map product in Canada.
 +<​bootnote>​2) Who uses your maps?</​bootnote>​
 +Whether you are a weekend warrior, a serious backcountry explorer or working in the bush, our
 +maps are designed to get you there safely and confidently. We show more information like roads,
 +trails and recreation points to allow for easier navigation when outdoors. This information will
 +allow you to spend less time looking and more time fishing, hiking, paddling, ATVing and so on.
 +<​bootnote>​3) If I live in the city can I use your maps?</​bootnote>​
 +Yes, we have the most up to date city and highway information available. We also have city
 +recreational points of interest and routing and have even added city specific points like
 +restaurants,​ toilets and services where available.
 +<​bootnote>​4) How easy are your maps to use?</​bootnote>​
 +Our maps and Backroad Extras are simple to use. You simply need to insert the SD Card or
 +micro SD Card into your Garmin GPS and you can start using them.
 +<​bootnote>​5) Can I use the product on my computer in MapSource™ or Basecamp™?</​bootnote>​
 +Yes, our maps are compatible with all Garmin software including Basecamp™ or MapSource™once you have registered your product with us. These programs are a great way to view the maps in a larger screen/area and to transfer tracks and waypoints to and from.
 +Please keep in mind we ONLY provide the maps. You still need Garmin software to view and use them.
 +<​bootnote>​6) If I have more than one Garmin unit, can I use your maps on all of them?</​bootnote>​
 +Yes, as long as you have bought our SD/micro SD card version and all your GPS units hold SD
 +cards. You can then port our SD card from one Garmin GPS unit to next. You cannot however
 +use it in more than one unit at the same time.
 +<​bootnote>​7) Are the Backroad GPS Maps compatible with GPS enabled smart phones (Android, iOS,
 +No, the GPS Maps are not compatible with smart phones. The GPS Maps are solely intended for
 +GPS units. We offer a different product – BRMB Navigator App - that is compatible with iOS
 +and Android. For more information see our website.
 +<​bootnote>​8) Are the Backroad GPS Maps and Backroad Points of Interest copyrighted?</​bootnote>​
 +The maps and Backroad Extras or Points of Interest are protected by copyright. No reproduction
 +in whole or in part is allowed without the expressed written consent of the publisher. Yes, that
 +even includes using screen version of the maps on the internet. If you ask, we are generally
 +supportive of noncommercial reproduction.
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